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 Posted: Sun Nov 27th, 2005 09:20 pm
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Doug in Vancouver


Pegi, the GE manual and schematic do not mention the error codes or what they mean. Here is an update...

This model does *not* have a ribon cable connecting the keypad with the control module. The boards are connected by way of stiff wire soldered board-to-board (there must be an electronics term for that). What I have done is disconnect several of the wires and reseat them, including the temp probe. Of course the electricity was cycled at the breaker.

The oven now seems to work; although my wife claims that it gave the F1 code one more time.

For the info of anyone wanting to know, I obtained a quote in Canadian dollars for parts from a local supplier. These are not the lowest prices, but just a single quote.

Temp sensor... $50.25
Electronic module... $236.97 (wow)
Touchpad/keypad... $25.65

Anyway, I guess we are in wait-and-see mode regarding any further sign of 'F1'.