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 Posted: Sat Nov 26th, 2005 05:34 pm
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Error codes for GE ranges...the tech sheet located within your range will give you the ones for yours...and diagnostic help...

Failure Code Condition Check/Repair
F0 or F1 Failed transistor in control.
1.  If code cannot be cancelled, replace the Electronic Range Control (ERC) or touch pad.

F0 - F1 - F7 Stuck keypad may mean relay is turned on. Determine if problem is with the Key Panel or Control by:
1. Pushing CLEAR/OFF pad.
2. Disconnecting Ribbon Cable from control and waiting at least 32 seconds to see if Code recurs.
3. If code recurs, problem is in the control. Replace Control.
4. If code does not recur, problem is with the Key Panel.



F0 and F1 Failed Thermistor Control
1.  Replace Electronic Range Control (ERC

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