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 Posted: Mon Nov 21st, 2005 03:26 pm
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Well, I gotta say a big thks to all you folks! ....finally, i did it!

I haven't had a chance to reply... a little busy with life stuff on this end, but wanted to follow up and say thks to all you folks. I finally did it, and once I had it in my head, it was a 30 sec job. I couldn't believe it (after the door is already disassembled that is). I learned a few things throughout though...

1. It's quite difficult to install the new latch with the assembly mounted in place on the dishwasher, because there's no support behind it. You push - it moves with you. It's imperative to take it off and do it on the counter.

2. power - turning off the breaker makes things a little less worriesome. As someone posted, you do risk damaging your dishwasher (and of course you too, but... ya know... :)

3. actuator - if you don't have an extra one... I took a pair of scissors, spread em, and emluated an actuator, and was able to get it to door closed position easily. Just pushed through where the actuator would normally go. This position makes it so easy to install the latch (as someone posted above).

4. channel locks - i was in rona one day and just bought these cause I thought they'd be good to have - what an investment. You can easily squeeze the thing thing atop the counter with these.

5. finally, so you have it squeezed together and the latch in the 'closed' position atop the counter. I found it very easy to put the two inner nips in the little slot, and then just take one hand and snap it down in place (other hand squeezing the channel locks). As per my eariler comment, having it sitting atop the counter gives you a nice firm surface to push against when popping the latch into place - no risk to snap something else off.

p.s. - i also bought a spare - i.e. - 2, when i bought the replacement part. For 6$, call me gun shy.

You guys are great! Thks so much for the info - this forum is super. Hope these comments help the next DIYer!