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 Posted: Sun May 1st, 2005 02:17 pm
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cdelsig wrote:
If my coils are full of frost, which is what I suspect with the presence of frost on the back wall of my freezer, what does that mean?
It sounds you still have a defrost problem.
Could you take a photo of the frost on the evaporator coil?

I did replace the 10-hour timer with the 8-hour universal timer recommended.
Are you sure that the connection of the new timer is correct? For incorrected connection, the timer would always stay in "cooling cycle" (or in "defrost cycle").

Do you know how to measure the resistance of the defrost heater? To verify the heater is OK.

Do you know how to measure the voltage at the heater terminals when the timer is manually advanced to defrost cycle? To verify the proper voltage to the heater.

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