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 Posted: Sun May 1st, 2005 12:28 pm
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The Seven,

After replacing both the defrost timer and the defrost thermostat, I put it into normal start according to the label inside the fridge. As of Friday, the 22nd, I was getting good readings in the fridge and higher than desired in the freezer (21°F).  By slowly adjusting the dials, I got my freezer down to 10° but then my fridge got too cold (34°).  In trying to readjust, the fridge temp jumped into the 40's and now I can't get it down.

I have reset it to 'normal' for 24 hours.  The freezer stayed around 10-12°F and the fridge didn't drop below 46°.  Adjusting the fridge dial to colder has done nothing and opening the baffle between the freezer and fridge has done nothing (it has been in that position for more than 24 hours and read 42° and 12° this morning). 

After I wrote my last post, I saw and read the post about the kenmore fridge that isn't getting cold enough.  I have the same issue.  There is almost no airflow coming out of the vent between my freezer and the fridge though there is normal airflow in the freezer.  Since my defrost heater is a calrod and would be obvious if needed replacing (according to Samurai and Willie on this site) I don't think that is it.  If my coils are full of frost, which is what I suspect with the presence of frost on the back wall of my freezer, what does that mean?  Could I have a bad thermostat?  If the drain hole isn't blocked, what then?  What should I be looking for, considering the timer and thermostat have been replaced?