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 Posted: Fri Nov 18th, 2005 10:16 pm
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:D  Thanks to all for the good advice.  The latch handle 99002579 evidently was redesigned -- the old one has just ABS plastic nubs, the new one has the steel pins on the sides, and implanted in the nubs I would guess, so the steel helps carry the load.   (Btw, my washer is a MDBTT59AWW.)

I followed the advice to latch the assembly in place.  I didn't have channel locks, but I had a pair of vice grips that opened up enough to squeeze the sides in and still lock.   I started with the left outer pin, then pushed until the inner pins got into their groove, then really applied steady force by hand to get that last right-hand outer pin to slide into place.   Whew!

I would never have known about getting the assembly in locked position, using a tool to sqeeze the latch mechanism, or had enough confidence that applying the force needed would not break the part -- had it not been for all your kind help.

Thanks again! :cool: