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 Posted: Sun May 1st, 2005 04:13 am
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Okay, now I'm again not happy.  Somewhere between the freezer and the refrigerator, there is a problem.  I have two freezer/fridge thermometers so I can watch the temperatures while adjusting hte dials.  So, I'm going and I get the freezer down to around 10°F and the fridge part gets down to 34°F.  Well, that is a tad too cold for the fridge compartment, so I adjust the dial down a little.  The freezer jumps up to 12°F and the fridge moves up to 46°F.  Now, I can't get the durn fridge down to under 40°!  I have the fridge temp. dial cranked all the way to cold and the baffle between the freezer and the fridge open as much as possible.  No change.  Still at 12°F/48°F!

Where do I start looking for the source of my woes?  What am I looking for (there is a slight layer of frost on the freezer rear wall around where the coils are)?  What do I do about this?


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