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 Posted: Thu Nov 17th, 2005 09:23 pm
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Thanks for the reply, Willie. I bit the bullet and went ahead and ordered it from repairclinic. I wanted to try and find a repair place that would order the SS tub under the warrenty, and/or go to sears and haggle with them about it but I thought it unlikely I'd have much luck. And I wouldn't have time to do that until at least Monday, then if I got nowhere I'd be ordering it next week and with Thanksgiving coming up it would be a pain, not to mention the dirty clothes are piling up already, etc, etc. So $225 later, I'm crossing my fingers it gets here soon and works with no problem. I did find it cheaper at a couple other sites, but it was out of stock. Repairclinic seems to have a good reputation and return policy, so I went with them (and used the link here to help the site a little).

Thanks again for the help and I will update when I get the job done.