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 Posted: Tue Nov 15th, 2005 05:32 am
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I have one of those dreaded Neptune washers as well.  The reason I have it is our store refuses to sell them knowing the vast problems they have and the expenses involved in repairing them.  So, why do I keep it?  Well, it does use less water, my electric bill has gone down, my soap usage has gone down, my drying times have gone down (except the pesky maytag dryer that sometimes decides to keep running) and as stated, well it looks pretty dang neat.  Of course every neptune that comes thru I test out, and strip all the good parts off for spares to put in a box at home :P  Would I recomend any common manufacturer mashine that is highly computerized?  Well, that I always inform the consumer that only they can make the descision.  I can only tell them of the advantages and disadvantages of each machine.  For example,  we get alot of the profile GE washers thru our store, and I always warn the consumer, "if you are going to abuse the machine don't buy this one, but if you take care of your machines and don't overwork them then it should last a respectable time"