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 Posted: Mon Nov 14th, 2005 03:27 pm
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Budget Appliance Repair wrote:
gary wrote:
I took a close look at a Duet pair today and it seems it would be a pain to add detergent, bleach, etc if they are stacked. Stacked is how I would prefer to configure them, but it is not a show stopper if I can't.


A pain to add detergent and stuff??? Why?? If you stack a Duet pair, (can they be stacked? Maybe, but I haven't seen a duet pair stacked yet), the washer could only be on the bottom. So, no more difficult to add detergent/bleach/etc. then if it weren't stacked.

Since you haven't seen a pair stacked I can understand why you don't see a problem. The issue is the dryer overhangs the washer by an amount that would make it a PITA to add bleach, and to a lesser extent soap. While they can be stacked, I don't think the manufacturer really intends them to be operated this way. The drawer where supplies are added is proof IMO.