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 Posted: Mon Nov 14th, 2005 05:20 am
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Glad to see all the posts. I took a close look at a Duet pair today and it seems it would be a pain to add detergent, bleach, etc if they are stacked. Stacked is how I would prefer to configure them, but it is not a show stopper if I can't. After more research into this model, I'm also a little concerned with all the electronics, notwithstanding the fact that many folks believe them to be very good units. I took another look at the Staber web site, and I think when it comes time to replace my combo unit, I'm going to get the Staber and a Whirlpool dryer.

On the issue of horizontal axis savings... There seems to be a general agreement that they do save money, but how much? The Staber site says a family of three doing 8 loads a week will save about $300 annually. I found a few links about this...

It seems the $300/year savings is a bit exagerated, but the above links don't take into account savings from detergent either. I guesstimate I'm spending $120/year in detergent costs, so realistically I might expect to save about $150/year in total.

There is also the savings from decreased maintenance that would presumable come with buying a Staber (or Duet).

Love the site. It's good to have this place to come to for appliance questions.