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 Posted: Mon Nov 14th, 2005 01:48 am
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Loram, you're just about there. I promise. You MUST take the latch assembly off the door to make this work. Not only would it make it easier, it's the ONLY way it will work.
Now ignore the door and place the assembly over the accuator/hooky thing fixed to the roof of the washer. Then follow the previous steps to squeeze the edges and force the tabs into place while the assembly is still ON the accuator.
When they finally go, you will be able to click the assembly on and off the accuator/hook thingy as though there was an imaginary door surrounding it. OK, you can screw it back onto the door now.
The latch's metal extensions are there to add strength the plastic knobs which, once again, don't seem like they'll go -- but will if you squeeze the assembly edges hard enough.