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 Posted: Mon Nov 14th, 2005 01:27 am
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Trying to help wrote:
Tell someone they have to change oil every 3000 miles and treat there imported leather seats with sweat from a camel on there new 50k car, no problem. Tell them to clean the "Gack" (professional term used in the industry) in the front filter brushes on there front loader they caused by using 4 times the amount of soap they should use and didn't empty little Jimmy's pockets of his snot tissues and they go on a tirade about how they will not accept having to do this after every other load or so, they just spent 800 dollars on this unit and it's not fair. Can you do any better on the bill, no, OK, can you brake this 100, oh yea, next time you come to my home, can you please use the service entrance and don't park so close to my lexus........

LMAO! You nailed it, TTH! I'm dyin' ovah here! :laughing::rocker:

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