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 Posted: Sun Nov 13th, 2005 05:27 pm
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Trying to help

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The over-sudsing really produces mold and smells more then bearing problems. The undissolved detergent does build up in the pumps and damages impellers though. As far as buying one, I have used this comparison in homes and on this site. You never buy a first year car. To many unknowns. The same with new design appliances. The look so great an innovative, but they are unproven. I currently own the dreaded Neptune units everyone talks about. Would I have bought one 7 years ago when they first came out. NOPE. But now the design on the new 5500.6500 and 7500 have addressed all the original problems and I own one. The new 9700 design is completely different and in its first year. I'll give it a few more years prior to possibly selling my old set to upgrade. It might be the best thing since sliced bread, and it sure looks good. But I will wait to find out!! 

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