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 Posted: Sun Nov 13th, 2005 03:51 pm
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Loram, being at the point where it's so close to fitting you could scream but it won't go... is exactly where you want to be! The more I think about, it seems to me, I might have started with one of the large pegs, then the two smaller ones in the middle and then finally used pliers to squeeze the plastic edges of the assembly so I could force the second large peg into place. Then again, another respondent had luck with the inside ones first, then both outside. I guess however you can force it is worth a try. (Buying a second new latch if you break it is still cheaper than a repair guy. In this particular case, I mean -- no disrespect to the pros on this board.)
I'm in Canada, too, and can't remember if my parts numbers matched those, but the photos are exactly what they looked like anyway. By the way, if it makes you feel better? I "tested" the current to the door handle TWICE before realizing I should flip the breaker. Furthermore, my display panel now says my dishes are permanently "Clean" thanks to my mangling of the metals tabs that complete the circuit in the door. You know the ones I mean having now completed the circuit with your hand...