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 Posted: Sun Nov 13th, 2005 03:09 pm
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Howdy all,

Just a few weeks later, I've discovered I'm a maytag issue veteran as well. I discovered this thing online, and your help looked promising. I got a new handle (i have the MDB8600AWW and I got part 99002597; i noticed some folks talking about part 2580?? i'm in canada... this is what they told me is the right part; anyway, it does look like the one the picture posted here).

For the life of me though... you guys must be super talented, cause I just cannot get this thing to go on. :(  it's unreal! :X 

I tried using channel locks like someone had suggested. It gets much closer for sure, but no cigar. I can manage to get the small inside tabs in place, but I can't seem to rotate it to get the big ones in place - they won't go past the outside edges of the plastic assembly. I assume this is the right position, because I can see the way the edges of both the latch handle and the assembly are tapered in this position, as though they want to meld together.

I'm doing all this with the assembly in place, with the door [pretending] to be closed (yes, with the power on... i know iknow.. already verified that ;)

ANY further help (pardon my density) would be appreciated. I have the door unscrewed open and the handle there - just tooooo close to call the repair guy.

If it would be easier to discuss on the phone, I'd be happy to call someone as well to discuss on my coin of course. Either call or further notes here would be super appreciated.


Wanna-be-loney-maytag-guy :D with my problem solved