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 Posted: Sat Nov 12th, 2005 04:36 pm
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Holy cow, I had no idea!

Lint disposal
Most washing machines collect lint during the wash cycle and send it down the drain during the drain cycle.

If your machine is a Maytag, though, it may be different. Most Maytag washing machines collect lint in the center tube of the agitator. You need to lift out that tube and clean it periodically. Other machines have a lint filter near the top of the tub, which you need to slide out, clean off, and reinsert.

My lint filter was as filthy as....a lint filter that hasn't been cleaned in many, many years. And yes, mine was a Maytag. You should have seen my face when I realized that middle column that I thought was completely attached to the wash fins came off!
I also rinsed the machine with Cascade and bleach, I really hope no more stinky clothes!