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 Posted: Sat Nov 12th, 2005 04:06 pm
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Personally, I think it's unconscionable to waste water if it's within your reasonable ability to use less, regardless of the cost of water in your area. Many municipalities charge far below market rates for water and this encourages waste which creates greater treatment plant burdens and, ultimately lower water quality and availability for everyone.

Using 56 gallons of water per wash in a top loader vs. 12 gallons of water per wash in a front loader is, in and of itself, compelling enough reason to use only a front loader. People who know this and have it within their economic means to buy a front loader but don't are exactly the type of useless eaters that need to be kicked out of gene pool.

As it turns out, that is only one of many advantages of front loaders. Front loaders use much less electricity, because of much greater mechanical efficiency-- transmissions, like those found in top loaders, are stupidly inefficient mechanisms that are prone to mechanical problems and waste electricity by requiring a bigger motor to do less work.

I could go on about using less detergent, clothes lasting longer, yada-yada, but I think you get the picture.

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