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 Posted: Sat Nov 12th, 2005 04:32 am
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Sounds like s good plan, have been reading about the savings in water and soap, the Duet is a fine choice also, your Kenmore combo would probabably have been made by Frigidaire.  Gas used to be the choice for savings because gas used to cost so much less than electricity, but I do not know how this will pan out now with natural gas going up 70-90 %, here at least.  But so is electricity going up, 24% here and that is on top of  three increases just this year. You might want to ask some questions in your area to see what the people in the know say.  Whichever you decide the most important thing to remember is the dryer vent has to be clear, short and clear.  And you must use HE detergent in the washer, no more than is recomended....too much soap or the wrong kind will cause all sorts of problems in the washer, blocked venting will cause poor performance in the dryer.  I think you will be pleased with the Duet or LG.

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