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 Posted: Thu Nov 10th, 2005 11:03 am
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Samurai, you are a god!

I think the diverter valve would have been fixed sooner, but F&P did not ship the part in time for the weekend.  No problema there.  Took your advice and had quite a few beers, sent the wife to the laundromat and had a very relaxing weekend [so peaceful!]. 

Unless I am mistaken, the connections to the diverter valve are not polarized [note the AC 50/60 Hz stamped on the actuator]  Just in case, for reference, I put the black wire closest to the side of the orange actuator with the  part information i.e. 50/60 Hz and all is well.  For those that missed the post about the default mode of the actuator [wires disconnected] it should be switched to DRAIN the tub.  Unfortunately, my diverter valve failed due to a build up of hard water and/or other various crud and the small plastic piece that joins the actuator and the small lever that moves the valve was broken by the force trying to push the stuck valve.  In case you did not take detailed notes on the direction the valve was installed, look inside the valve and the path that is open on the valve connects the tub and the drain hose.

Before buying the valve, you should be able to disconnect the orange and black connector from the top, under the panel [turn off power first, of course] and valve should be in drain mode and not re-circulate.  Enter diagnostic mode, press "regular" to initiate pump and you should be draining.  If not, valve may be broken, or possibly plugged