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 Posted: Tue Nov 8th, 2005 04:23 am
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I also have Kenmore side-by-side model 106.54682300.  Same broken door hinge (the pictures earlier could be my fridge).  I bought it last February, so it's out of warranty now of course.  I took it to the Sears service center, which fortunately is just down the road.  The lady there was of absolutely NO USE.  After that I carried it to the store where I originally purchased the fridge.  The salesman there was much more helpful and understanding, but he could do little but put me in touch with the national service center.  Bottom line, they are sending a tech out tomorrow at no charge, but I don't know what the result of that visit will be.   The unit is less than two years old and a new door is $600.  Needless to say Sears is in serious jeopardy of losing yet another customer unless they replace the broken door.  I won't be buying another door from them under any circumstance.  It would just break again anyway.

This is poor engineering.  Anybody can look at the 1/8" piece of plactic that holds the door up and judge that it is insufficient to do the job.  If this is a common issue, which it obviously is, then the manufacturer needs to step up and take responsibility.