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 Posted: Mon Nov 7th, 2005 02:41 pm
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the "HF" code is initiated when the water turbine(counter) sees an excess amount of water to fill the machine to the prescribed level- many things can cause this problem,however simply throwing components at the machine will not necessarily fix it. here is what i have run across on at least 3 occasions; the w/l switch tubing(air tube) is supported by a small retainer that establishes the tubes routing toward the side of the machine near the cabinet- if the hose falls out of this retainer,it is allowed to dangle in the danger zone near the spinning pulley/belt- the belt contacts the hose and wears a thin spot in the tube just enough the machine to fill and begin to wash initially, but air escapes slowly and machine goes back into fill mode,eventually the water counter sends feedback to the controller that it has filled with an axcessive amount of water and defaults to the "HF" condition. the cure is simple-replace the rubber tube and secure it along the side of the machine away from the moving components. its certainly worth checking out.

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