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 Posted: Mon Nov 7th, 2005 06:37 am
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Excellent site. Awesome thread... after reading it, I could see at the end of the tunnel :)

I have a Maytag MSD2756AEW. I read all the discussions about it and the infamous ADC. I read the message about how to get there an short the L1 to TEST. If I had gotten there I would have even gone ahead and replace the also infamous C2 so I can solve this well known problem once and for all.

But... I couldn’t. I almost got a hernia trying to take off the first white plastic cover. It seems designers try really hard to make it difficult for mortals like me… and they are getting very good at it. Besides the tabs holding it, there is like a little nail sticking out as a stop for the cover to come out. I followed RegUS_PatOff’s instructions and “super-bowed” it. Then, I got the screws out, everything seemed ready to come off and finally get to the ADC, but… I believe the big piece of styrofoam (parts 14, 15, 16 in the provided parts diagram-see attached) is what prevents me to take all out to access the ADC. Big frustration.

I know many of you have gotten to get all the way to the ADC; please let me know the trick. Thanks a lot!


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