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 Posted: Thu Apr 28th, 2005 07:13 pm
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Aventaclue wrote: Can someone tell me if these valves can be purchased seperately, if they are able to be pulled apart and 'cleaned', and how to remove them so I can do either of the options I have to do.

Unlike conventional water inlet valves with the metal, pressed in screens, Fisher Paykel water inlet valves are made with plastic screen that are designed to be removed, cleaned, and securely re-inserted.  This is the only washer water inlet valve that I have seen designed this way-- the valves with the metal screens I don't even bother cleaning because of the risk of pushing sediment into the valve and damaging it, creating a flood potential. 

Undo the water hoses at the valves in back of the washer and remove the plastic screens to clean them.   When you re-install them, make sure they're snugged all the way down. 

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