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 Posted: Sat Oct 29th, 2005 06:41 pm
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I think the lock part Guru Pegi refers to is the accuator which is on the lip of the washer body -- not the door. The trick is to unscrew the assembly from the door and ignore the door entirely until you have reassembled the handle over the lock-accuator-hook thing attached to the roof of the washer. Place the latch assembly (part 99002580) over the lock thing, then put on the handle starting with the big holes. It doesn't seem like they'll go, but they will with some heavy duty squeezing of the plastic (I ended up using pliers to get plastic to bend) then the smaller clips will slide into the slot over the spring. The metal hinges you see aren't acutally hinges, just metal sticking out from the part that goes into the big holes -- which is the actual hinge the handle turns on.Once it's all clicked in place, you should be able to take it on and off the lock-hook thing by depressing the handle. Then it's ready to remount on the door.Tried to diagram it with some pix from, hope it helps.