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 Posted: Thu Apr 28th, 2005 01:00 pm
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fourstar wrote:
The warped panel is part of item 27. (Pictures attached.) And I'm not a bad housekeeper, but the oven gets a workout. (Wife is a gourmet.) The control panel that smells burned is on the back of the touchpad. (If that is what item 34 is, I can't tell from the picture.) I took the oven out (got a workout too,) and fed the wires back into the holes. I rerouted them a little to put some room to work with them inside the oven. I assume I have to buy a new broiler element.
I can't get the panel straightened out and it won't stay in place.

I've got some real bad new for you guy!!!!!!

Item #27 is your oven cavity, that piece is not suppose to come out like that, how old is this oven? I see dates of Nov.1999 on the partsbreak pictures so this oven shouldn't be much more then 5 years old.

The spot welds that hold your oven cavity together have failed, it's time to do some major loud bitching to Kitchen Aid/Whirlpool and see if they won't replace that oven cavity at no or very reduced price, this should NOT happen.

Yes, you will also have to replace your broil element if you burned the connector end of it.

Even more bad news: "LINER, OVEN (NOT SERVICEABLE) N/P Ref#27"

You might get lucky and Whirlpool will give you a new oven!!!!!

There's a good chance you burned up the Microprocessor board also when you shorted the broil element. It's a $105 part from Sears, probably a little cheaper elsewhere (No, just check RepairClinc and they want $238 for the Microprocessor).

If Whirlpool won't do anything for you and you want to attempt to repair this yourself, I would do something to temporily attach the burnt off wire back to the broil element and put it all back together and check if the mircoprocessor board is working ok.

If the board isn't fried then you might want to attempt, (It will be a major job), disable the oven and take the oven liner/cavity to a sheetmetal shop and have then weld it back together and put it all back together and get some more life out of it.

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