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 Posted: Thu Apr 28th, 2005 03:17 am
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Hot on the heels of washer and dryer failures... My wife complained that the upper part of our Kitchen Aid double oven model KEBS207DBL8 didn't seem to be working properly. She noticed that a 13.5" x 16.5" metal panel above the broiler element was warped and hanging down in one corner exposing insulation in the upper portion of the oven.
I decided to attempt to remove and straighten this panel but first I had to remove the heating element. I took out the screws securing the heating element to the oven body and as I pulled it into the oven to disconnect the wires I heard a pop and crackle which reminded me that I had not turned off the breaker. The oven light went out and the touch panel went dead and I smelled a sickening smell of burning electrical components. I tripped the breaker and finished removing the heating element. One of the ends was burned off and one of the wires was severed.
I was finally able to remove the panel, but it is so warped that it is like an oil can and resists straightening. I think I will be able to get it back in, but what caused it to warp to begin with?
What do you suggest I do to fix the warped panel?