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 Posted: Wed Oct 19th, 2005 04:43 am
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On this style DW the door gasket is pretty reliable. A few things to check on problem leaker's would be. Overfill. When the unit shuts off on fill due the the float, the water level should be to the bottom of the heating element at the 9 and 3 O'clock positions no higher. Now it will still pulse fill after the motor kicks in for about 10 seconds or so but that is fine as long as your starting point was at the bottom of the heater. We want the water to the BOTTOM of the heating element when the float kicks it off. You can decrease the water fill by trimming slightly the length of the float shaft. Take a little off at a time and keep checking till your water level is correct. I have solved more of these phantom leaks with this then anything else. You are usually not leaking around the seal as much as you are slopping over the over lapping bottom of the inner door liner to the front of the tub. One way to know if this is the problem is to remove the decorative front panel. If the cardboard behind it is wet, you are slopping over the front lip. Another thing you can do is with this panel off, the door frame is held onto the hinges with 3 5/16 screws on each side. You can remove the middle screws on both sides and discard them. You can then remove the upper and lower screws and elongate the existing brkt holes slightly with a dremel tool. This will allow you to drop the door down slightly and get a better overlap of the front and stop the leak. The old models used to have the top and bottom pre slotted for this adjustments but they went away with it in recent years. You can still order in a Metal door frame with the slotted holes for this unit if you do not want to use the dremel. It would be part number 99002570   There was a field bulletin about it 3 years ago that advised all the cks you probably did, check the door seal, check install and proper closing, check wash arms for splits and then finally stated something to the effect of .

If the above checks have been performed and the dishwasher continues to leak water at the lower corners of the door. Replace the steel outer door. The replacement steel outer door part number is 99002570. This door has a vertical slot that will allow it to drop closer to the tub bottom. This reduces thewater surge behind the inner door and in the corners, eliminating the water leak