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 Posted: Wed Oct 19th, 2005 03:54 am
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Hey, just had an interesting caht on AIM with oombalumba.  He had a very unique fix for this problem.  Here's the chat:

oombalumba BACK="#ffffff": you there Samurai?
Zenzoidman: maybe, depends on whether you're with the gubmint or not.
oombalumba: uh, no way jose
Zenzoidman: ok, well, then i can't talk to you. bye.
Zenzoidman: just kidding!
Zenzoidman: what's up?
oombalumba: Master Samurai, I have answered the ancient riddle of the Leaking Maytag Door
oombalumba: :-D
Zenzoidman: whatchoo be sayin', bosco?
oombalumba: I'm referring to many posts to your appliance site. Long story short just purchased a house with a 2002 Maytag with leaks at the bottom door hinges
oombalumba: After searching the web I discovered many upset people (including a few repair people) who had the same problem.
Zenzoidman: and the bulder had installed cheesy dryer vents?
oombalumba: HA
Zenzoidman: sadly, a too common story!
oombalumba: I think Maytag's door gasket is a smidgen too thin (maybe it shrinks over time). On a hunch I pulled mine out, put about 1/16" spacer behind it, and reinstalled it backward actually as it looked a bit deformed on the face
Zenzoidman: and that fixed it?
oombalumba: before the machine spat a few teaspoons worth of water every 10-30 seconds, and since my fix it's been totally dry for the last half hour with no dishes in the machine
Zenzoidman: cool! lemme know how it does on the long-term test
oombalumba: Maytag wanted $150 to even look at it
Zenzoidman: but the power of the purse over-ruled that
oombalumba: One guy in one of your forums about this was actually distraught over Maytag doors. Remember, he gave back his customer his fee when he couldn't fix it? I tried looking him up online to let him know of the apparent fix but I couldn't find him...
oombalumba: _id=1&highlight=maytag+leak#
Zenzoidman[color=#ff0000 BACK="#ffffff"]: hang on, lemm check that
Zenzoidman: you should post this clever fix in that thread-- he'll read it.
oombalumba: Anyway, I'll let you know about the long term results but it's humming away know with no H2O on the floor. I'd advise pulling out the door seal and reinstalling it so it seats a bit farther out than before. I had to adjust the latch a tad to accomodate the new seal position...
oombalumba: Have to go...nice website. Sayonara
Zenzoidman: thanks! have a good night
oombalumba: you too
oombalumba signed off at 8:29:29 PM.

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