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 Posted: Wed Oct 19th, 2005 12:43 am
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Kenmore issue with oven cleaning lock li


Stupid question, but do you mean the inside light button, or the one on the front top of the range?  For some reason, this just started happeneing with my range and the lock light keeps coming on, again and again, after I cancel the clean process.  At first I thought my son had pushed the clean button, when he was supposed to push the broiler button.  Then after I hit cancel, it kept locking the door, then I couldn't close the door.  Then the lock light would go out, then it would come back on.  I can't easily get to the power cord because it is literally in the floor UNDER the range.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  It is also the season for four-legged critters to find a warm place.  I heard scratching inside the stove last weekend and thought perhaps they had chewed thru some wires or something.  The top burners work fine, just the oven and broiler doesn't.