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 Posted: Sun Oct 16th, 2005 11:49 am
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jon2249 wrote:
Pictures of my motor and pump are located here.

Jon, from your very first picture it is real obvious what is burning.....

You have destroyed that new pump you installed, (or if the old pump when you tried to take it off you didn't get it back into place when you put things back together). You didn't get the four pump foot pegs mounted into the four little round indentions in the motor or if you did you didn't install the pump clips to keep the pump in place and the pump spun around and the mounting post/legs of the pump have been chewed off from entering into the running motor, thus your burning/melted plastic smell.

Actually on second look at more of your pictures that does appear to be your old orignal pump that was leaking that you couldn't get off and the damage may have been done when you tried to remove the pump. Regardless, now you for sure need to replace that pump.

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