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 Posted: Fri Oct 14th, 2005 01:30 am
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Jedi Appliance Guy

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Sir Jabco,  

  Truly you are at one with the Force.   Thank you not only for the single sheet of paper crammed with diagnostic info,  but for your efforts in compiling it as well.  Obviously you have battled the GSS as much as, if not more than myself.  

   Surely you have experienced the "fan noise" that seems to come and go for a week or so every year or so.  I have explained it as a flaw with the adaptive defrost that allows ice and frost to form on the fan blade and shroud from time to time and it'll go away and it always does.  However, after reading your post a thought popped into my head that perhaps it may be thermistor related.  Do you have any thought on this matter?

May the Force continue to be with you.