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 Posted: Fri Oct 14th, 2005 12:50 am
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Done..  I replaced the thermostat and retested the defrost system.  It worked!!  The old heaters came on and remained on for about 12 minutes.  The timer restarted the refridge after about 20 min.   I will return my new defrost heaters as I didnt need them.  Should have retested a second time with the Ohm meter before I purchased the heater. My original testing showed 0 ohms.  Dont know why but  tell everyone to disconnect and retest  all equipment  before purchasing.

The coil had an even coat frost on them but no ice after about of week of use.  The frost covered the entire coil.  The original block of ice must have occurred during a storm when power was lost.  Dont know for sure but it has not returned.  I will recheck during the holiday season.

Then, I replaced the riser and washers. The doors are now working like new..  I noticed the hinges were covered with very dirty grease. Cleaned them up but dont know if I can use auto brake grease or silicon on them.. Will look at home depot for some type appliance grease.

Yes, I now have a working GE refrigerator..  Amazing!!    :bananadance:       No visits to the appliance store yet...  And my wife can continue to buy stuff for now..  ;)    Thank you Pegi for all of your help...

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