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 Posted: Thu Oct 13th, 2005 10:36 pm
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wow !  this site is great... 

Here's my story...

I had this exact problem (Maytag SxS 2556) about 2 months ago... called in a Maytag repairman to the tune of about $200.  He "knew" my problem before even arriving... asked me to start defrosting my freezer section before he showed up.  Saw that the evaporator coils were almost a block of ice and blocking the inlet from the fridge section (hence no flow, warm fridge, cold freezer).  He replaced the defrost thermostat for $20 and the whole thing worked fine... for about a month... same problem... this time I knew what to do.... thawed out the evaporator coils, and upon inspection I saw that the thermostat was not connected to the evaporator line like it was supposed to be. (being the "genius" that I am I though mearly clipping this back on would solve my problems)... well, a month more later and presto, same problem..:X    ok... I really don't like spending $200 to have something "fixed" and not have the problem solved... this time I was taking on the task (with no knowledge of refridgerators at all)... found some scehmatics on the Maytag website and eliminated the theromostat as the failure point... one google of "Maytag Adaptive Defrost Control", and presto, i'm here!  Great stuff !

Thanks to all here, and a special thank you to Reg, nothing like going from a $200 service call to replacing a $50 part, to fixing the $50 part with a $1.19 capacitor !

Due to lack of decent electronics shops in the area, i've used a 22uF 35V cap from Radio Shack at the C2 position.  Can anyone tell me if this can lead to long term problems.  I'm thinking of getting the proper cap (22uF 50V) and putting that in (sorry Reg, tatalums are about $15/each !! ouch !!), but will this 35V one from RS work in the meanwhile, or maybe it will be fine as it is ??

Thanks again everyone that posted, and what a great site Samurai !  (ps. nice place otterville is.)

cheers, gs