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 Posted: Thu Oct 13th, 2005 01:43 pm
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They are right, that therminstor is a real problem, had a few that are intermittent that sometimes work and not work, for the price its best to replace it, let me kow if you need the resistance chart for the specs on the resistance to temp valve, I always check them manually, as the built it test program will should there good when it fact they are not, since it is such a wide range resistance valve, you sometimes need to check the resistance at the current temp in the box on that sensor to see if it is correct, the few I had said the evaporator was forty degrees when it was below 0 thus when it went into defrost it thinks it done already as it sees the evap at 40 degrees rather than 0 and the heaters will either come on for too short a time or not at all..............John