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 Posted: Tue Apr 26th, 2005 06:34 pm
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        Dear wise and all knowing

        I humbly respond as you asked.

     I could not afford to pay for a service call as I stated to you before. I contacted the local GE dealer and I was told they would have to charge me a service call. (as you said they would). That truly was not an option. So what I did was contact G.E. via there 800 number. I explained the problem I was having and used what I learned from your earlier response to me. I explained the defect just as you had explained it to me. They immediately scheduled an service call for the next day free of charge. G.E. is not only replacing the ice door component's, they are also bringing me brand new properly insulated doors.

             Thank you again and I am sure I will be back.

                                                I humbly bow in your presence

                                                    Armature appliance dude

                                                                Buss dude