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 Posted: Fri Oct 7th, 2005 01:31 am
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RegUS_PatOff wrote: I have a Maytag MSD2756AEW and had the same defrost problem.

I drew a schematic of the ADC and found the cause and fix for the "buzzing relay"

It's a bad electrolytic capacitor, C2,  22uF@50v

Try jumpering in a good one across it. (there is a protective coating over the entire board)

Watch the polarity and also be careful, the minus (-) side of the cap is connected to L1 120v HOT side of the power line.

I drew the schematic with MS Paint, and will soon draw it  with a schematic program and upload it here.


also, neither the compressor nor the defrost heater will work when the temp control is turned down (but the relay will still energize)  try it at max cooling setting.
Brilliant! I got some electrolytic capacitors (5 for CA$1) and replace the one on C2 and I put back the ADC in the fridge. Move the freezer control and after a few seconds, forced defrost. I heard the click, then the fridge stopped and started to melt the frost on the coil...Thank you so much... Now I just need to monitor to see if all is working fine. So far so good! The whole thing at a very reasonable cost!