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 Posted: Thu Oct 6th, 2005 01:02 am
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Nope, I checked my seals when I discovered this problem at first. Last night, I was pulling on the doors (the alignment screw on the top hinges were loose) to roll the fridge out to clean the accumulations behind & under the unit (cereal pieces, magnet ornaments, pepper, some dust, and misc sticky notes).  Its amazing how stuff find its way in these dark lonely places...:poison:  I have adjusted the doors back and everything is now fine with a good seal all  around..  

Ive been looking at the hinge parts though....  What does the hinge cam riser do? Does it stop the door from swinging all the way out?  Is it different than the door stopper?  Do I need both? One to rise and another to stop/restrict the door swing?  Why dont they sell a kit with all the parts in it? :?

Found WR13X10020 but not sure if this will fix/take care of the swinging door.  I do have mindless kids that assumes the door will stop on its own once opened.  They also assume it will close properly when they leave it.  If not, they will surely not notice it!!

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