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 Posted: Wed Oct 5th, 2005 06:42 am
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Pegi, you were absolutely correct. I remove the rear panel in the freezer and found a larger block of ice on the top evaperator coil  (but only on the top coil and only on the right). Turned the timer until it clicked, restarted the refridge and nothing happened with the heaters.  They are dead.  I will need to order a new defrost heater and defrost termination thermostat. After about 40 mins in the defrost cycle the refridge started cooling again.  Thus, I think the defroster timer is working properly.

I then tranferred all of the remaining contents in the refridge and placed into my old White mfg beer refridge in the garage which has been working constantly for 30 years after I bought it used in 1975 (mfg date 1961):cool:....   I will manually defrost the GE refridge tonight.  Hopefully tommorrow with the ice block melted, I will get a steady stream of cold air within the Fresh Food Compartment (as well as the freezer). This was a very easy test.  All I needed was the Pegi guidance to succeed... Thanks again...

Two questions: any knowledge of the online parts dealers for GE parts? I found a few: Point&Click, Appliance Parts Depot, Sears and Repair Clinic. Have a recommendation?  AND the doors are not aligned properly, so when closing them, they really bump the inner wall between the freezer and the fresh compartment when closing.  Any ideas to fix them too? Is this caused by the top or bottom door hinge assembly? Are adjustments possible?



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