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 Posted: Tue Oct 4th, 2005 06:48 pm
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The freezer compartment works great, current temp is about 7 degrees.   The refrigerator compartment is temperature ranges from 40 degrees to about 50 degrees (depending on the amount of items inside), with the control set at maximum setting of 7.  Milk will only keep for a day or two.

I have called Sears Service to schedule an appointment.  They do not an appointment available until the end of this month (this could be a good thing)... So, I was wondering how I could test the fridge to determine whats not working and repair it myself. 

Things I have noticed: 
  1.  I do not detect air circulating in the fridge compartment but I have strong circulation the freezer.
      Where does the air enter this compartment?  (I did find the return vents)
       Does the fridge have separate fans for the freezer and fridge compartments?
       How can I check the damper?
  2.  In the freezer compartment, I found an ice/frost buildup along the edge of the rear panel on the right (fridge) side approximately midway down. 
       How do I locate and test the defroster?

What do you think the problem could be?