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 Posted: Thu Sep 29th, 2005 08:10 am
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Dear Pegi, You seem to be wise in the ways of the Maytag. I have a similar model (MDB7600AWS) and similar problem (cruddy handle latch assembly) and have the part (99002577) yet cannot... you know, make it work! The small tabs go in easily enough, but I cannot manage the large tabs into the round holes they would appear to go in -- there's no give there whatsoever. The second perplexing problem is that while I can similate the closed and open states of the latch while seperated from the door, I cannot find the medium state that will enables me to both close and open it via the accuator. I tend the think this is related to a metal pin that seems to slide into place to near the spring. Yet for the life of me, I cannot slide it into place in the aforementioned open or close states without trapping it in that position. In other words, I can "pin it into place" with the spring fully depressed, preventing the latch from letting out again, or with the spring relaxed, at which point the pin blocks any of the movement of the assembly. Does that make any sense? It's been a long day wrestling with it and I fear I am not accurately describing the situation. Many, many thanks for any help you might provide.

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