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 Posted: Wed Sep 28th, 2005 05:09 am
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Have a GE SXS Ref, GSS20IEMBWW, quit defrosting about three months ago, installed a new BRD/HARNESS ASSY #WR55X10150 and then installed BOARD ASM MAIN DOMEST #WR55X10335 worked fine after that.....except that it is a doing the same thing, how do I check were the problem is, and what is causing it. is there any way to default this into defrost, doesnt say on the tech sheet.        Have checked the element, ok, and the thermal cut-off, OK both have cont. what ever happened to the good old, advance the Def. Timer.

Also, could this problem be in the motherboard, and caused by power surge, or other "Dirty" electricity? live in the woods, way back in the woods, you know the kind pipe in sunshine.