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 Posted: Fri Dec 6th, 2013 11:18 pm
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Well, I'm still having issues with this, so I'm now deciding it is likely something else that is causing this board to blow out as I've gone through about 3-4 more of these since starting this thread. They generally had been lasting about a year, but I believe I've replaced 3 this year alone. I posted somewhere else online about it and came across something mentioning there are 3 versions of this model of dryer. Since I can't find where I last posted and thus can't find another article about this, I'll post what I recall.

There are supposedly 3 versions of this dryer and I apparently have the version that uses the timer from another version. Still with me? Well, I called an online appliance parts place and they have 3 timers, took my serial no. and told me which timer I needed to get. I have yet to compare that with my timer, but I'm curious what others think and/or have had experience with.

I was thinking I had replaced this timer at one point, but after re-reading my post above, I guess I just pulled it apart and put back together. Hmmm.... When the board blew last night, I had moved the timer from less to more dry and when I went to re-start I saw the board flash and go out. One concern I had is I was getting shocked by everything, so apparently the cold dry air has caused a lot of static. Is it possible I gave a static shock to the dryer and zapped that board? It's grounded, so wouldn't think likely, but then again....