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 Posted: Tue Sep 4th, 2012 08:01 pm
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Hey guys, I know this thread is old as dirt, but I wanted to update it.

Shortly after I started this thread, I bought a piercing valve and installed it on the low side.  Bought a used set of gauges, shot a little R12 in while the compressor was running, and voila!  Within a few hours it was ice cold with the thermostat on the lowest setting.  Sweet!

It worked great for a few years and then died again this weekend.  The problem this time, however, is much different.  Luckily I wrote down the low side pressures with the compressor on and off before and after I charged it, so I know I should be shooting for around zero psi with the compressor on (not exactly scientific I know).  Now, the evaporator starts to get cold and ices up for about twenty minutes, and then all of a sudden the low side drops to about 25in Hg of vacuum.  Freon almost immediately stops circulating and the evaporator gets warm.

Low side pressure with the compressor off is higher than it was when I charged it last time, so I know it's got plenty of freon.

Am I to suspect a clogged filter/dryer or capillary tube this time?