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 Posted: Mon Aug 20th, 2012 12:01 am
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Well, it has been a while and never pulled the unit out of the wall. We just stopped using the Self Cleaning fucntion, as recommended.

I have had a very serious development with this oven. My daughter graduated a pastry and baking program and she is in fits with this oven's thermal inconsistency. A 350 degF setting can range from 320 to 370. Cake's are not setting up right, etc.

With the like new door seal not being a factor, what might be the cause of such variability. No beeps or error codes. The thermostat is mounted on the outside of the rear of the oven.  With this oven being 25+ years old (but it looks mahhh-velous!) and having fewer and fewer available parts, what should I look for?  Thank you.