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 Posted: Sat Jul 9th, 2011 01:53 am
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A few years later ...
The dryer completely died on me.  I posted in this forum, but in a different area, and did not see any responses. 

To date I have replaced the Machine Control Electronics. The dryer came back alive, but only sometimes.  I banged on the top of the dryer, and it lit up but beeps again, like it did originally. 

I entered diagnostics mode successfully, and here is what I observed:
-88 on the LED
-All lights on, except the lights above the End of Cycle button
-When door open, LED shows 5E and no change in lights
-Door closed, back to 88 and no change in lights
-Casual and Normal buttons control their lights. 
-Sometimes the MoreLess buttons would control the LED
-Auto Dry Level button does not control its lights
-Damp Dry Signal and Wrinkle Guard buttons sometimes control their lights
-No other buttons control their lights, except once the Pause/Cancel button did turn off the diagnostics mode.   Then the dryer would not light up again - completely dead front panel, even when I bang on it. 

Did I waste my money on a new card?  What should I check next or what should I Easter egg next?  The Console electronics? The ribbon cables?  How about the new Machine Control Electronics card.  It was packaged horribly.  I am surprised it did not show signs of damage from shipping (what is Sears thinking?). 

Symptom before I replaced the Electronics replacement:
I have no power to the front panel. I have the tech manual from the dryer, and also from this forum.

I verified power from the wall to the Machine Control Electronics (left hand side power circuit board). I ran through the troubleshooting tips and if the power to the Machine Control Electronics checks out, the manual recommends replacing that card.

I checked some other components, for example, the thermal fuse, which reads 0.00 ohms and the thermistor which reads about 9.23 ohms. P1-3 to P1-4 reads 0.00 ohms. These seem to be the desired values.

The dryer does not respond to entering the diagnostic mode, and does not respond to any of the manual cycle buttons. I also checked the ribbon cable from the Machine control electronics to the Console electronics - P3 and P4 - per Test #5 on Page 8. I could not get any readings between the pins when I press the buttons, per the table "Checking Functions of Buttons" at the top of page 8. I checked that the digital multimeter would read a short by testing on the same pins on the white ribbon cable as there are two test points for each pin. the multimeter checked out which makes sense since the two test points on the ribbon are the same piece of metal (about 1/2 inch from each other).

A few years ago, the dryer first exhibited a beeping noise, and while the front console would light up, the dryer sometimes would not turn on, and when it did, it would beep continuously during the run. This problem went away, and then about two months ago, returned but even worse.

dryer number 110.85872400