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 Posted: Thu Jun 9th, 2011 03:10 am
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Update (It won't allow me to post a new thread, however this is the same machine with a different problem.)

Wife suspects that the washer hasn't been working for a while now. I usually run it when we're asleep, but I have noticed random dirty dishes from time to time.

She decided to run it while we were eating desert, so I was around to hear it...

It'll fill with water.
Once full, it'll go into wash mode and pump water through the wash arms for half a second. (I can't even get "One-Mississippi" out.)
It'll immediately stop, pause for a second and go into drain mode.
Draining will complete and it'll fill again and do it all over again.

I have observed water come out of the spray arms. (Used a screwdriver to close the door switch.)

It does drain properly and fully.

I have removed the lower spray arm and the cover for the pump. The impeller looks good.

There is a screen device around the pump impeller that looks like a flying saucer with a hole in the middle. It's got lots of crud inside stuck to the screen. I need to separate the two halves of this to get at the inside and rinse this stuff out. I can not take this thing apart.

What else should I look into on this machine?