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 Posted: Tue May 3rd, 2011 12:56 am
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Why do you say that the timer was "stuck"?  You noted that it was advancing.

If the relay is bad (it appears that you have the PTC style which rattles), then the compressor was likely trying to start but couldn't due to the failed start relay - start winding not energized.  When the compressor gets power at rest, it draws the LRA (locked rotor amps).  It draws the LRA for a fraction of a second until the motor starts to move and is no longer in a "locked rotor" state.  The amps drop off to about 1/4-1/6th the LRA value when running.  If the start winding is not energized (bad start relay), the compressor sits "locked rotor" drawing the high LRA which causes the compressor to get hot.

There are other reasons for the compressor to get hot too, burn't condenser motor (you appear to have a natural convection condenser so bad condenser motor would not apply), dirty condenser, freezer operating after a defrost cycle - high cooling load, or freezer door open for a long period of time and/or product added that needs to be cooled - also high cooling load.  Considering the rattle in your relay, I would suspect the LRA causing the overheating/hot compressor.

I hope this helps!