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 Posted: Thu Apr 28th, 2011 04:38 pm
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Hi Folks,


This is similar to the previous topic "GE refrigerator PFS22SISBSS 2006 Compressor testing"  I got some good info from that topic.


I have a GE PFS22SISBSS refrigerator.  The compressor is not coming on but I hear clicking.  I did some testing:  J2 on motherboard, 3-8 13.5VDC, 3-4 13.5 VDC, 3-5 13.5 VDC (may be high, expecting 12 VDC).  I checked compressor leads, top two 14 Ohms, bottom and top left 5.5 Ohms, bottom and top right 8 Ohms (seem good).  The capacitor reads infinity Ohms (OL) and does not really read a capacitance; it reads 3 pF, rated for 12 microF, nothing looks bad on it, no bulges, etc.


I called called GE customer service, they are sending me a new motherboard since it is covered under the recall.  They offered to cap installation cost at $100 BUT there are no GE techs (GE employees) in this area.  So they said they would pay $100 to a GE certified tech for the install but I would have to pay the balance should it be over $100.  Anyway, in the mean time, since the mother board appears to be ok (13.55 VDC is higher than the 12VDC but I don't think that would cause issue, not sure), I figured I would press forward with other troubleshooting/repairs so that I can get this back on line ASAP. 


Any help would be appreciated!