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 Posted: Mon Apr 25th, 2011 03:49 am
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I had a GE repair man replace the leaking valve on my GE Profile refrigerator about 16 months ago.  A few weeks ago a piece of the 5/16 inch tubing that comes from the valve that goes into the back of the fridge broke.  It was pretty close to the valve so I just unscrewed the valve bracket, removed the valve, pushed the tube towards the valve to remove the tubing, discarded this tubing and replaced it with some 5/16 inch tubing from the hardware store and patched it into the existing line.  I tested the water dispenser before putting the valve back and it did not appear to leak.  But when I put the valve back I realized the piece was too long so I had to take the valve back out,  remove the hose from the valve, trim the hose, and put it back.  I may have done this a few times before getting the length right.  Now I cant get a good seal in the valve.  Water is leaking from the valve where the hose fits in.  I know these valves are quick connect valves, could I have broken the quick connect?  Is there a trick to getting it to seal?  Do I need to get a whole new valve?  Could the line from the hardware store not be the right kind?  The connection I am using is the larger blue one. 

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